Break Out of the Box!

The New Normal is a chance to give travel programs a new perspective
For decades, corporations have been trying to meticulously place their travel programs into highly managed solutions, which we call “the box.” It’s a world where travelers are mandated to use the same booking process and the same tools in the interest of corporate policy, traveler safety and the need to gather data to make strategic decisions.

In recent months and as a response to the pandemic, we have heard from many travel leaders of their interest in managing even closer to a 100 percent mandate. However, travelers today crave more flexibility, access to better information and flexible booking options. Despite the current environment, we believe you can satisfy your travelers and improve your control without forcing them back into a box.

In addition to focusing on traveler safety and driving efficiencies, traveler satisfaction remains important to all programs. By instituting tighter restrictions, it will actually cost your organization more time and effort for your travelers. The reality is that more than 75 percent of business travelers begin their corporate booking process with tools like Google instead of the booking options that corporations are currently providing to their travelers via TMCs.

This clearly begs the question, “If the majority of your travelers are not starting the booking process with these TMC-provided tools, then what does this tell us about these mandated tools?” Quite frankly, it clearly shows us that these tools aren’t as user-friendly and intuitive as they were intended, and they are certainly lagging behind what travelers have gotten used to outside of their corporate booking process.

Managing Travel Programs

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