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Special Reports: Data Management

Phat Payments

You card spend is a data-rich resource that can unlock key insights into your travel program

Holy Hotels! – Revisited

Lodging rates are a moving target right now. To get your aim right, look to Phat Data

The Unasked Questions

The answers can be found by looking at what’s changed in travel and what Phat Data can reveal about it

Beyond the Storm

As the corporate travel world re-emerges, Phat Data will provide the roadmap to what’s ahead

Meaningful Meeting Metrics

Hybrid events get complicated, but Phat Data can unlock greater engagement and better ROI

The Great Travel Makeover

Phat Data can offer key insights to prepare your program for a meaningful, sustainable comeback

Blinded with Science

We know what’s coming – we just don’t know when. But Phat Data can help us be ready

Hit the Reset

For business travel, 2020 was the year that almost wasn’t. Now is the time to get ready for something completely different

Face the Facts

The Phat Data strategy you build now can be a powerful tool to deliver value when travel returns

A New Take on Ground

Phat Data is the key to changing perspectives in ground transportation

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