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Special Reports: Ground Transportation

Black Car Reboot

As the demand for luxury ground transportation rallies, the limo industry is reinventing itself

Clean Machines

Business travelers are taking to the road in rental cars, where healthy and contactless is the name of the game

A New Take on Ground

Phat Data is the key to changing perspectives in ground transportation

Travel Buyers Think Tank #13

There was a time when managing the ground transportation part of a travel program was a relatively uncomplicated affair, with a limited number of choices and fairly cut-and-dried negotiations.​

Shifting Ground

Rentals and rideshare, limos, taxis and trains – managing these transportation options is more complex than ever

Where Meetings Meet the Road

Events, big and small, require careful pre-planning – and that includes getting attendees there and back

Share the Ride, Share the Data

The staid old ground transportation category has become the hot new ticket in your Phat Data strategy

Autonomously Driving Change

Autonomous vehicle technology is only part ofthe revolution that’s coming to ground transportation

Covering New Ground

As technology reinvents the travel experience, the rental car business is finding itself on the move

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