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Special Reports

Two Cents From The Company Dime

Each month, journalists Jay Campbell and David Jonas from news and analysis site contribute to Business Travel Executive a compendium of the industry news that travel buyers and managers should be aware of, and what it means to them. ​

TMCs Tool Up

Choosing your program’s travel management company often comes down to which tech fits best

The Global TMC Connection 2020

It’s a different world out there for international travel, so choosing the right travel management company is critical

A Matter of Strategy

Your TMC’s account manager can be a key asset in your travel program

TMC Ties That Bind

The right choice of a travel management company can be critical for your program’s success

SMEs Meet TMCs

A growing number of small and medium enterprises are looking for right-sized travel solutions

The TMC Tech Connect

As travel management companies roll out new tools, it pays to learn how they fit your program and your purpose

Walk the Talk

Regular and meaningful buyer/supplier conversations are critical for a successful travel program

TMCs as Risk Partners

Travel management companies play an important role in Duty of Care – but there’s more to the story

Insiders Observations 02-09

Straw polls taken by the Institute of Travel Management and the Finnish Business Travel Association indicate that demand for travel may continue to decline even as economies rebound

World View

What makes a travel management company truly global? It’s complicated…

Taking on the World

Teaming with the right TMC to create a truly global program starts with asking the right questions

Pathways to Policy

Understanding today’s travel trends can help you carve out your own program’s guidelines

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