"Hotel Sourcing Sorcery"

Hotel sourcing is arguably the most complex aspect of any corporate travel program. It can involve literally hundreds of decisions, form the chainwide deals to individual properties, from finance departments to individual travelers. For the travel manager, the challenge is secure the right property at the right price.

Traditionally that process has started with the annual hotel request for proposal. But RFPs are undergoing a seismic shift, principally thanks to technology.

However despite the ongoing evolution of the process, fundamental questions remain around the future of RFP as a tool for hotel sourcing: Is an RFP the best way to get the best deal? If it is, what’s the most effective way to manage it? And if it not, what should replace it?

Join us for this unmissable webinar to:

Find out what’s happening in the hotel industry that will change the expectations of everyone at the negotiating table.

Hear ideas for evaluating your hotel program’s demands to discover better negotiating strategies for your organization.

Learn how others are applying new technology, data analysis and traveler insights to better position their hotel sourcing efforts.

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Webinar from April 12, 2018

Harnessing new distribution capabilities to empower your air travel program

Harnessing new distribution capabilities to empower your air travel program

The International Air Transport Association’s New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) technical standard promises to bring big changes to the way air travel products are marketed and sold by airlines.

NDC is just one area in a proliferating technology landscape across the travel industry. It promises both opportunities and challenges for corporate travel buyers, who have the responsibility -and the power- to harness these tools for their organizations’ objectives and their traveler’s benefit .

Join us for this unmissable webinar to:

Discover more about the NDC standards- what they are and how they are being implemented industry-wide

Learn how to have NDC conversations with your air travel and distribution suppliers to find out their status in implementing the standards

Create “What-If” scenarios around the impact on your air strategy based on how your suppliers propose to apply NDC standards

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