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Special Reports: Corporate Cards And Payment Systems

Evolving Cards

Technology is bringing new options and new players to the world of travel payments

The Expanded World of Expense

Choosing the right expense management tool for global business travel takes a look at the big picture

Travel Buyers POV #7

In each issue of Business Travel Executive, the members of our Buyer Think Tank offer their individual thoughts on what’s hot, what’s cool and what’s coming next in managed travel.

Brave New Payments World

Cards still dominate, but corporate travel is discovering innovative ways to pay

Spanning the World

Global business travel pushes expense management solutions to a whole new level

Tech to Pay

More payment solutions for travelers mean more options – and more decisions – for travel managers

Vanishing Plastic

In a future that’s totally connected, it looks like corporate cards may pull a disappearing act

Pick & Pay

The future is now and the choices many for business travel payments technology

The Out Box 04-09

Your Company's Diamonds

I once met a security officer for one of the world's largest jewelers. Among his responsibilities each year was the transport and protection of the pieces that would be worn by actresses attending the Academy Award ceremonies. 

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