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Who is Going to be Next?

Someone’s missing from today’s business travel – tomorrow’s buyers

Travel Buyers Think Tank #26

With the effects of the pandemic fading, there’s a steady drumbeat of business travelers returning to the road – in many cases, literally. The result is a bounce in rental car demand, and a resulting rise in rates. Accident repair costs have soared as well, meaning insurance is a bigger piece of the pie.

Halting Hack Attacks

With remote workers relying more on technology, cyber risks are rising while attention to security wanes

Arrivederci, Phat Data!

After more than nine years, it’s time for a new chapter in travel data. Stay tuned

T&E End Game

The quest for one perfect travel and expense tool requires organizations to get all the players at the table

Less Pain, All Gain

More corporate travel programs looking to avoid airline chaos are turning to private aviation  

Know and Be Known

You gotta understand your customer (and your supplier)

TMC Consolidation: Are We There Yet?

Travel management companies are linking up to survive a volatile future. But that can mean big changes for your travel program

Bumper to Bumper

With blended travel factored in, decisions about rental car insurance are only getting more complicated