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Travel Buyers Think Tank #23

As the concept of the distributed workforce gains traction, whole new categories of employee travel have emerged. There’s the office-less itinerant, the COVID-cautious traveler, the occasional tripper, the seasoned road warrior who brings new expectations to the journey. 

Face Facts

Travelers are growing to like digital identification and what it can do to speed them on their journeys

Holy Hotels! – Revisited

Lodging rates are a moving target right now. To get your aim right, look to Phat Data

New Rules of the Road

Understanding what travel policy success looks like amid dramatic change can pay big dividends 

The ABCs of Business Aviation

To tap the competitive advantages of flying private, your travel program needs a starting point

Fare Game

With airline change fees gone, automated reshopping for lower ticket prices can be a real cost saver

Gathering Force

As simpler in-person meetings stage a comeback, new solutions make face-to-face more effective and more efficient