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Special Reports: Expense Management

T&E End Game

The quest for one perfect travel and expense tool requires organizations to get all the players at the table

Expense App-titude Test

Mobile expense reporting solutions are here, and your business travelers ready. So what’s the hang-up?

The Expanded World of Expense

Choosing the right expense management tool for global business travel takes a look at the big picture

Reporting Live

Mobile technology can make self-scribing T&E reports reality – if the humans will just get on board

Check, Please

Let’s face it – managing dining spend is a formidable task. But thanks to technology, help is at hand

Spanning the World

Global business travel pushes expense management solutions to a whole new level

Tech to Pay

More payment solutions for travelers mean more options – and more decisions – for travel managers

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

More than ever, artificial intelligence is taking business travelers out of the expense management equation

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