• November Premium Content

    November Premium Content

    The Price Is Right?  Read Free Now >>>
    Lodging,Managing Travel Programs
    Once distrusted by travel buyers, dynamic hotel rates are finally getting hot

    The Expanding Booking Toolbox
    Distribution and Booking Tools

    The consumer buying experience is changing the way corporate travelers choose to book

    Where Meetings Meet the Road
    Ground Transportation, Meetings & SMM
    Events, big and small, require careful pre-planning – and that includes getting attendees there and back

    Two Cents from the Company Dime
    Technology, Air Travel
    Delta-LATAM deal shakes things up, plus outsourcing pro and cons, NDC in TMCs’ court, and Direct Travel launches tech marketplace.

    The Dragon Challenge
    Going Global
    The Dragon Challenge

    Travel Buyer's POV#10
    Travel Buyers Think Tank
    In this month’s POV, our Think Tank team explains that demonstrating the value of a managed travel program involves more than just numbers.

    Phat Data, Phat GDS
    Data Management
    Global distribution systems hold a wealth of data – and the treasure house is being unlocked

    Go Phish!
    E-mail scams are getting more numerous, harder to detect and exploiting more vulnerabilities

    Give Yourself a Hand
    Travel Buyers Think Tank
    Give Yourself a Hand

  • October Premium Content

    October Premium Content

    The Big Story: Change in the Air: New Capabilities, New Connections 

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    Air Travel

    As the NDC ecosystem scales up, more partnerships are emerging

    Change in the Air: NDC By the Numbers
    Air Travel, Data Management
    A different shopping and buying technology can deliver new dimensions in air travel data

    Change in the Air: NDC Forecast: Partly Sunny
    Air Travel
    As air travel buying becomes more complicated, NDC offers solutions as well as complications of its own

    Down to Basics
    Air Travel
    New low fare classes are tempting, but what’s the value proposition for corporate travelers?

    Unique Stay
    Lifestyle hotels are answering the business traveler’s call for something different

    Share the Ride, Share the Data
    Data Management
    Ground transportation has become the hot new ticket in your Phat Data strategy

    A Matter of Opinion
    Reviews are playing a major role in travel decision-making, and trust is a critical factor

    Travel Buyers POV — #9
    BTE Think Tank
    One recent phenomenon in the corporate travel space is the increasing presence of lifestyle hotel brands. Whether independent properties, so-called soft brands or new concepts from recognized hospitality chains, these properties are on the radar of business travelers – and therefore are playing a larger role for travel buyers.

    In Search of Generation Next
    Buyer’s Think Tank
    It’s a job that’s challenging, rewarding and yes, even fun – and nobody wants it

  • September Premium Content

    September Premium Content

    The Global TMC Connection  Read Free Now >>>
    Travel Management Companies,Managing Travel Programs
    It’s a different world out there for international travel, so choosing the right travel management company is critical

    Room to Run?
    The outlook for North American hotels in the year ahead – a case of cautious optimism

    Great Expectations
    Managing Travel Programs
    Buyers manage traveler choices and corporate goals in the midst of changing times

    Accommodating the Alternatives

    Are Hotels and Airbnb Converging The latest trends in long-term lodging for business travelers

    Phat Data Takes Flight
    Data Management, Air Travel

    Air travel produces mountains of information and your airline partners know how to use it. Do you?

    The Expanded World of Expense
    Expense Management, Corporate Cards and Payment Systems

    Choosing the right expense management tool for global business travel takes a look at the big picture

    GBTA 2019 Tech Roundup

    The annual convention always provides a showcase for innovation in the business of managed travel

    Travel Buyer's POV #8
    BTE Buyers Think Tank

    As the traveler experience increasingly takes center stage, the questions around travel policy – what it should look like, how it should be enforced, should there even be one – are more critical than ever.

    Quench the Burnout
    BTE Buyers Think Tank

    Your road warriors want to be heard – and you’re just the person to listen

  • July/August Premium Content

    July/August Premium Content

    The Big Story: HOTELS 2020 

    Managing tomorrow’s hospitality landscape
    RFPs: Evolving – or on their way out? 
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    How tech and market changes drive hotel policies
    Beyond BAR: Getting to meaningful metrics

    Brave New Payments World
    Corporate Cards and Payment Systems
    Discovering innovative ways to pay

    Meetings Checklist
    Meetings and SMM

    Expert advice for staying ahead of events

    NDC Changes the Game
    Air Travel, Distribution and Booking Tools

    How the new standards will transform air booking

    TMC Ties That Bind
    Travel Management Companies

    The right choice of a travel management company can be critical for your program’s success

    Phat Data Time Out!
    Travel Management Companies
    Take a step back to consider where your data strategy is and where it can take you from here

    Connecting the Future

    The latest list of emerging technologies is surprising as ever

    Travel Buyer's POV
    Buyer's Think Tank

    This month, our Think Tank’s point of view looks at an expanding universe of corporate card options and the benefits for travel programs

    A Matter of Strategy
    Buyer's Think Tank

    Your TMC’s account manager can be a key asset in your travel program

  • June Premium Content

    June Premium Content

    Doing Data Right Free Now >>>
    Data Management

    The right information well-managed is key to an effective travel program – but it takes a village

    Why Fly Private?
    Air Travel
    Five reasons to consider including private aviation as part of your air travel strategy

    Hotel Rate Roulette
    It’s arduous work to make sure your lodging program is getting everything you’ve negotiated

    Face Time with Jennifer Steinke
    Industry Interview
    For this veteran travel manager, success is built on relationships across the spectrum of corporate travel

    Commodity Trades
    Data Management
    You have a wealth of travel data in your program, but should you consider turning it into wealth for your program?

    Driving Change
    The technology revolution comes to ground transportation.

    Travel Buyer's POV
    Buyer’s Think Tank
    Hotels constitute a huge part of most travel programs, so negotiating the right hotel program is a major task for travel buyers.

    Now for Something Completely Different
    Buyer’s Think Tank
    Here’s one buyer’s step-by-step alternative to the traditional hotel RFP


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