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  • September Premium Content

    September Premium Content

    New Roads Ahead  Read Free Now >>>
    Ground Transportation
    The rental car market of the future is taking some very different routes to driver happiness

    The Name Game
    What do hotel brands really mean for your travel program?

    Spanning the World
    Expense Management
    Global travel pushes expense management to a whole new level

    What's Hot
    Data Management
    Travel management is on fire with new ideas and Phat Data is at the heart of the blaze

    Smile - You’re NOT on Candid Camera
    Airports are discovering a more discreet way of watching your every move.

    Where in the World?
    Buyer’s Think Tank
    BTE Think Tank members say it pays to know where your travelers are

  • August Premium Content

    August Premium Content

    Hotel Sourcing Sorcery  Read Free Now >>>
    Getting hotel programs right seems like magic – but there’s a science to it

    Flights to Quality
    Air Travel
    New front-of-the-plane cabins are made for business travel

    The TMC Tech Connect
    Discover how travel management companies’ tools fit your program

    Aiming Small
    Simple meetings can be deceptively complicated

    The Match Game
    Air Travel
    How business travel and private jets can be a major ROI win

    Three Way Street
    Data Management
    Phat Data impacts your program, your organization and your travelers

    Aviation Transformation

    Technology is driving changes in global air travel

    Let's Get Together
    Buyer's Think Tank

    BTE  Think Tank members explain why travel industry associations matter

  • July Premium Content

    July Premium Content

    Street Smart  Read Free Now >>>
    Ground Transportation
    Traditional black car providers and upstart ride-hailing disrupters are in a heated race for your traveler’s rides

    Open Door Policy
    Good times keep rolling for North America’s hotels, but savvy negotiating can help your program stay afloat

    Tech to Pay
    Expense Management
    More payment solutions for travelers mean more options – and more    decisions – for travel managers

    Survey Says...
    Managing Travel Programs
    Travel programs need to keep travelers ‘in the loop’ and it starts with asking the right questions at the right time

    Holy Hotel Data!
    Data Management
    Phat Data can help put to rest some of the insomnia-inducing problems in your lodging program

    Lost & Found
    Steps travelers can take to recover devices. Serko’s Zeno gets NDC Level 3 certified. Cvent buys Kapow

    Traveler Q&A
    Buyer's Think Tank

    ​BTE Think Tank members offer thoughts what to ask to make your traveler surveys more effective

  • June Premium Content

    June Premium Content

    The ABCs of NDC  Read Free Now >>>
    Air Travel, Distribution and Booking Tools

    IATA’s New Distribution Capabilities promise more creative links between airlines and travel buyers

    A Different Way to Stay

    Independent properties and soft brands are making a splash in the hotel pool – each in their own way

    Tools of the Trade
    Distribution and Booking Tools

    Getting travelers to make the right booking decisions often comes down to having the right booking technology

    Walk the Talk
    Travel Management Companies

    Regular and meaningful buyer/supplier conversations are often the keystone for a successful travel program

    Data & the TMC
    Data Management

    Your travel management company can be a treasure trove of Phat Data – if you take the initiative

    Here Be Dragons

    ​Who can predict the future of travel? Eurostar joins Travelport rich content. Yatra and Chrome River partner

    The Case for Travel
    Buyer’s Think Tank

    ​Add value by folding your program into the larger corporate strategy, advise BTE Think Tank members

  • May Premium Content

    May Premium Content

    Extended Outlook Read Free Now >>>
    Bigger, broader and easier to book, longer term lodging is making waves with business travelers

    The Sum of the Parts
    Data Management
    Under a deluge of data, corporate travel looks for the right tools to turn raw information into intelligencer

    The Risk Reward
    Duty of Care and Risk Management
    ​Travel threats are real and varied, so creating a risk management program to address them takes a big picture effort

    Blockchain: Truth & Consequences
    Data Management
    ​Distributed ledgers could upend everything we know about our travel data

    Sky High
    ​Inflight connectivity is a hot commodity

    Consider the Source
    Buyer Think Tank
    ​Deciding how your program’s data is provided is critical to your strategy, say BTE Think Tank members


September 25, 2018

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