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  • January Premium Content

    January Premium Content

    The Big Story: Future Tense 

    What’s ahead for travel technology
    Payment solutions from end to end Read Free Now >>>
    Unlocking blockchain mysteries
    Artificial intelligence gets smarter

    Check, Please
    Expense Management

    Managing dining spend is a formidable task. But thanks to technology, help is at hand

    SMEs Meet TMCs
    Travel Management Companies

    A growing number of small and medium enterprises are looking for right-sized travel solutions

    Strategy in Action
    Data Management

    You’ve got the data, now how do you make it Phat?  Here’s the story of one buyer’s journey

    Too Small to Fail?

    In the battles of the cyber wars, SMEs have much to lose.

    Travel Buyer's POV
    Buyer's Think Tank

    This month, the members of the Think Tank team share their points of view on the upcoming year and what the future holds for their programs and the business of travel management.

    Mind if I Ask a Question?
    Buyer's Think Tank

    The year ahead offers an ever-changing litany of challenges for managed travel programs.

  • December Premium Content

    December Premium Content

    Air Transformed  Read Free Now >>>
    Air Travel, Distribution and Booking Tools

    New Distribution Capabilities promise big changes in the industry, and travel policies are evolving to keep up

    Value Play
    Air Travel
    Business jets vs business class – corporations can use both to improve productivity and profits

    Face Time with Mert Dorman
    Industry Interview
    Turkish Airlines’ SVP Corporate Marketing & Distribution Channels explains how the new Corporate Club is part of the airline’s focus on the business traveler

    The Future is Phat
    Data Management
    There’s more data coming and your strategy needs to be ready.  So where do you go from here?

    Nothing But Net
    For enhanced online security or less restrictive web access, VPNs are a need-to-know technology.

    Travel Buyer’s POV
    Buyer’s Think Tank
    Introducing a new look and an expanded role for members of the BTE Think Tank.

    Volunteering Matters
    Buyer’s Think Tank
    We can all give back to a business travel industry that gives us so much – and you’ll love what it does for your career

  • November Premium Content

    November Premium Content

    Tools For Tomorrow Read Free Now>>>
    Distribution and Booking Tools
    The pieces are coming together in corporate online booking technology. Is it time for a breakthrough?

    Welcome to Hotel Disruption
    There are a lot more options in sourcing accommodations – and a lot more challenges

    Groups Gain Ground
    Ground Transportation, Meetings and SMM
    Transportation for meetings and events takes the right mix of planning, logistics and fleet availability

    Best Laid Plans
    Air Travel, Managing Travel Programs
    Responding proactively to travel gone wrong

    Face Time with Tony D’Astolfo
    Industry Interview
    Serko’s North America SVP talks traveler experience & global expansion

    Data Points
    Data Management
    There are countless stories of Phat Data delivering results for travel buyers. Here are two of them

    Travel Spend Soup to Nuts

    Discovering real value in the data hiding in your program.

    Building a Better Toolbox
    BTE Think Tank

    BTE Buyer Think Tank weigh in with their wish lists for improving online booking tools

  • October Premium Content

    October Premium Content

    Getting it Together  Read Free Now >>>
    Meetings and SMM
    Effectively meshing travel and meetings spend takes collaboration and communication

    Accommodating Alternatives
    Extended stay lodging welcomes a changing mix of travelers

    Take a World View
    Travel Management Companies
    More than ever, artificial intelligence is taking business travelers out of the expense management equation

    Take Care of Business
    Air Travel / Business Aviation
    Safeguarding travelers wherever they are requires careful planning and the right mix of providers

    AI & the Mind of the Traveler
    Data Management
    Phat Data and artificial intelligence go hand in hand to deliver a smarter travel program

    Chain Reaction
    Cryptocurrencies lead a revolution in business and in travel.

    Different Routes
    Buyer Think Tank
    BTE Think Tank members weigh in on organizing group ground transportation

  • September Premium Content

    September Premium Content

    New Roads Ahead  Read Free Now >>>
    Ground Transportation
    The rental car market of the future is taking some very different routes to driver happiness

    The Name Game
    What do hotel brands really mean for your travel program?

    Spanning the World
    Expense Management
    Global travel pushes expense management to a whole new level

    What's Hot
    Data Management
    Travel management is on fire with new ideas and Phat Data is at the heart of the blaze

    Smile - You’re NOT on Candid Camera
    Airports are discovering a more discreet way of watching your every move.

    Where in the World?
    Buyer’s Think Tank
    BTE Think Tank members say it pays to know where your travelers are



January 16, 2019

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