Special Reports: Going Global

The Relocation Puzzle

Fitting all the pieces together for an employee move is a conundrum that’s increasingly falling in the travel manager’s lap

The Dragon Challenge

Doing business in Asia is loaded with opportunities – and fraught with uncertainties

Global by Design

Today’s palette of properties and products for international hotel programs is broader than ever

Lufthansa Italia Goes Domestic

Lufthansa Italia, which began operations in early February, is already ramping up its domestic flights after first placing emphasis on cross-border service in Europe.

Days of Discovery

That first-ever travel experience can rock your world

Class Distinctions

 Airlines bound for Asia are rearranging the chairs at 35,000 feet to make room for premium economy 

Down to the Wire

As competition for airport transfer traffic becomes fiercer, minimum connecting times are being eroded

Staying Global

Building an international hotel program means taking a multi-faceted 360 degree view

Connecting Points

North, south, east, west, dueling hubs offer different ways to connect with convenience and savings

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