• March Premium Content

    March Premium Content

    Simple Meetings, Complex Problems Read Free Now >>>
    Meetings and SMM
    Don’t let size fool you – small get-togethers can pose big challenges

    Not a Moment to Waste
    Air Travel, Data Management
    When flight disruptions strike, it’s the ability to predict the worst that gives your travelers the best way out

    Consolidating Gains
    As hotel industry mergers and acquisitions continue, is the result for travel programs boon, bust – or both?

    Face Time with Dorothy Dowling
    Industry Interview
    Best Western’s Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer talks glass ceilings, leadership and the strategic role of marketing

    Returning to Wisdom
    Data Management
    For the savvy travel manager, the goal is not about getting more data – it’s getting the right data

    The Shape of Tomorrow 
    Powerful new communication tools drive traveler compliance

    Travel Buyers POV — 3
    BTE Think Tank
    In each issue of Business Travel Executive, the members of our Buyer Think Tank offer their individual thoughts on what’s hot, what’s cool and what’s  coming next in managed travel.

    Reporting for Duty
    Buyer’s Think Tank
    Where travel sits on the org chart can be turned into an advantage, if you know where to look.

  • February Premium Content

    February Premium Content

    Room for Improvement  Read Free Now >>>
    Lodging, Managing Travel Programs
    ​Technology is creating the hotel programs of the future – but the past is still present

    Breaking New Ground
    Ground Transportation, Duty of Care, Risk Management
    High-tech, innovative service models and a focus on traveler experience is changing the game for business rides

    Stars in the Sky
    Air Travel
    Airlines’ woes make the case for business aviation options that help companies outperform

    Supplier Side Economics
    Data Management

    When it comes to building those important buyer-supplier relationships – is it

    All Our Tomorrows

    Time – and travel technology – wait for no one. Enterprise acquires Deem. Marriott data breach tops 380 million guests. Serko buys InterpIX. NY airports order electric buses. IATA real-time turbulence database unveiled. Southwest adds to SWABIZ portal. Norwegian long-haul flights roll out free WiFi. RoomIt and SiteMinder partner

    Waking Up to Realities
    BTE Think Tank

    Imagining a world of business travel where expense reports are a thing of the past. Plus thoughts on virtual payments, AI tools and winter travel

  • January Premium Content

    January Premium Content

    The Big Story: Future Tense 

    What’s ahead for travel technology
    Payment solutions from end to end Read Free Now >>>
    Unlocking blockchain mysteries
    Artificial intelligence gets smarter

    Check, Please
    Expense Management

    Managing dining spend is a formidable task. But thanks to technology, help is at hand

    SMEs Meet TMCs
    Travel Management Companies

    A growing number of small and medium enterprises are looking for right-sized travel solutions

    Strategy in Action
    Data Management

    You’ve got the data, now how do you make it Phat?  Here’s the story of one buyer’s journey

    Too Small to Fail?

    In the battles of the cyber wars, SMEs have much to lose.

    Travel Buyer's POV
    Buyer's Think Tank

    This month, the members of the Think Tank team share their points of view on the upcoming year and what the future holds for their programs and the business of travel management.

    Mind if I Ask a Question?
    Buyer's Think Tank

    The year ahead offers an ever-changing litany of challenges for managed travel programs.

  • December Premium Content

    December Premium Content

    Doing Data Right Free Now >>>
    Data Management

    The right information well-managed is key to an effective travel program – but it takes a village

    Why Fly Private?
    Air Travel
    Five reasons to consider including private aviation as part of your air travel strategy

    Hotel Rate Roulette
    It’s arduous work to make sure your lodging program is getting everything you’ve negotiated

    Face Time with Jennifer Steinke
    Industry Interview
    For this veteran travel manager, success is built on relationships across the spectrum of corporate travel

    Commodity Trades
    Data Management
    You have a wealth of travel data in your program, but should you consider turning it into wealth for your program?

    Driving Change
    The technology revolution comes to ground transportation.

    Travel Buyer's POV
    Buyer’s Think Tank
    Hotels constitute a huge part of most travel programs, so negotiating the right hotel program is a major task for travel buyers.

    Now for Something Completely Different
    Buyer’s Think Tank
    Here’s one buyer’s step-by-step alternative to the traditional hotel RFP

  • November Premium Content

    November Premium Content

    Covering New Ground Read Free Now >>>
    Ground Transportation, Technology
    As technology reinvents the travel experience, the rental car business is finding itself on the move

    Long-Term Transformation
    Globalization, the digital revolution and shifting market demands are forging new pathways in corporate housing

    Holy Hotels!
    Data Management
    Your Phat Data strategy can reveal a treasure trove of negotiating power with your hotel partners

    Booking Value
    Distribution and Booking Tools, Managing Travel Programs
    The right content strategies are key to a smarter, more effective and more traveler-centric OBT

    Travel Buyer's POV #5
    Travel Buyer Think Tank

    Smoothing the way for a well-run travel program takes more than brilliant policy and faultless booking.

    TLC For Your OBT
    Travel Buyer Think Tank
    North America SVP talks traveler experience & global expansionWith proper care and feeding your online booking tool can be a powerful asset for program compliance and traveler satisfaction

    Travelers Own The Phone
    Forget the bedside phone – today’s hotel technology is all about empowering the guest’s devices



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