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Special Reports: Technology

Shift Change

The move to teleworking has accelerated, thanks to an array of remote technologies with a boost from COVID-19

A Guide to Travel Health Apps

With testing requirements and vaccinations becoming part of everyday travel life, verification solutions are gaining momentum

Tools to Track Travel Changes

In the midst of the turmoil, knowing what’s open, what’s not and what’s next becomes mission critical

After the Storm, What Then?

Post-COVID-19, changes in travel technology which the pandemic has driven will linger on. Plus, Serko Signs LUXE, Dinova Launches Safety-Focused App, Tripbam Creates Certification and Norway to Offer ‘Touchless’ Airports

Remote Controls

​As work-from-home grows, so do risks – the digital kind – lurking in all those home office connections

It Is About Time

Apps provide escape from travel disruptions

Password Roulette

‘123456’ makes your data security an easy mark. You can count on it

Expense App-titude Test

Mobile expense reporting solutions are here, and your business travelers ready. So what’s the hang-up?

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