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The Big Story — Traveler's Quest: No Small Change

Today’s corporate travel programs should be taking a holistic look at the traveler experience
As commerce becomes ever more global and technology continues to evolve, business travelers are increasingly taking center stage in the decisions about their own journeys. Whatever the value proposition travel contributes to the strategic goals of a corporation, certainly any realistic assessment of the current state of travel would conclude that it’s a demanding proposition.

“I think there’s a growing understanding, within business and themes of talent acquisition and retention, of just how taxing business travel can be,” says Bob Neveu, CEO of expense solutions provider Certify. “Today’s businesses need to be empathetic and really understand the long-term impacts of business travel on an employee’s personal life.”

Travelers are expected to be at their very best when it counts most, during critical interactions that can mean the difference between winning or losing for their mission – all while dealing with challenges ranging from jet lag to erratic schedules, not to mention being away from their families.

“By crafting sensible corporate policies that take into account not just the costs, but also the benefits of having well-rested and nurtured employees, your team can thrive and really deliver their best in and out of the office,” Neveu says.

Managing Travel Programs


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