WiFi Sky High

Inflight connectivity is a hot commodity and the airline industry is racing to meet the demand
The annual Inflight Connectivity Survey published by Inmarsat finds that the majority of global passengers now see inflight connectivity as a necessity, not a luxury. The poll of over 8,000 passengers worldwide reveals that 60 percent see inflight connectivity as essential, and 66 percent of parents traveling with children characterize inflight connectivity as a “life saver.”

The result is air carriers the world over offering more robust inflight WiFi services.  According to Routehappy’s 2017 WiFi report, nearly 40 percent of all flights globally either already offer WiFi service or soon will. US airlines lead the development, with 83 percent of flights now offering WiFi access, the report said.

“The industry has made great strides since last year’s report,” according to the Routehappy survey.  The research found aircraft WiFi access is up 8 percent globally since 2016, “with more aircraft connected than ever before, including 11 airlines that now offer inflight WiFi for the first time.”


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