The growth in air travel is “outweighing” sustainability initiatives by airlines, according to a new report from OAG called “How Green Is Your Airline?” Since 2000, according to John Grant, senior analyst, the number of aircraft seats has grown at an annual rate of 3.5%, while available seat kilometers (ASK’s) have increased 4.6%. The report provides an in-depth look at: where current environmental measures, such as carbon offsetting, are falling short; the complexities of reducing carbon impact in travel; market demand for sustainability and environmental data transparency; and climate neutrality claims and “greenwashing.” OAG found that industry targets don’t account for continued surges in air travel, creating a discrepancy between actual emissions and climate targets. While airlines are pushing aggressive climate neutrality goals, many of the tactics they are deploying – such as giving travelers a chance to pay to offset carbon emissions – are not working. Grant said larger technological advancement is needed to create new industrywide standards that clearly show which airlines and flights are greener than others, “allowing consumers to research, evaluate and choose the most sustainable option.”