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Business jets vs business class – corporations use both to improve productivity and profits
A subtle change in travel management is roiling beneath the surface driven by road warriors’ needs and corporate profitability. This change can be seen in the growing use of both commercial airline premium cabins and business aviation.

Despite the higher cost of such travel, businesses are weighing new factors such as a tight labor market and the resulting necessity to extract every ounce of productivity from travel while ensuring employees do not burn out. In fact, a recent study by Airline Reporting Corp. challenges the wisdom of emphasizing cost savings.

“Cost savings are roughly one percent of the economic value added by road warriors, so it makes much more sense to focus on how to increase the road warrior’s value-add,” says Scott Gillespie, ARC’s head of analytics. “This means increasing the road warrior’s trip success rate and their willingness to travel, and decreasing their burnout and attrition risks.”

Reed & Mackay group CEO Fred Stratford agrees. “With work-life balance now ranking among the top priorities for candidates, travel policies have taken on a new level of significance,” he said in a recent European CEO column. “As such, there is a commonality to the frustrations we hear from travelers: Don’t make me wait at the airport; give me the best flight times so I can reduce my days away from home; and make sure I have decent WiFi so that I can actually work. Business travelers are time-poor, which often means jam-packed schedules with high-value meetings,” he explained.
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