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Suppliers Revise Strategies for Risk Management Services, GBT’s Fee Reflects Changing TMC Economics, Pre-Trip Approval Back In Vogue and Testing Can Help Business Travel Recover, But It’s No 'Silver Bullet'
Suppliers Revise Strategies for Risk Management Services
SAP Concur will sunset its Locate & Active Monitoring service in favor of a network of travel risk management providers, including Healix, International SOS, Terra Dotta and WorldAware. Travel managers at some companies using Concur's product said they would explore options for tracking and other risk management services directly from their travel management companies or third-party specialists. Several TMCs and online booking tool providers, meanwhile, created or expanded partnerships with risk management firms.

"We work with WorldAware," said Direct Travel EVP Ronda Shipley during a September webinar hosted by Deem. "It's part of our core solution. There is always an opportunity to buy up – maybe you want to make sure you have programs for getting VIP travelers out.

"That's a benefit of à la carte TMC pricing, according to Areka Consulting's Louise Miller. "You can change what you buy over time," she said. "For example, how you handle your duty of care reporting. One customer may use the TMC; another may use a third party."

In its new approach, Concur will restrict its role to that of the data provider to the risk management companies. “Our customers are seeking specialized solutions that not only track and message travelers, but also provide critical security and medical assistance services when needed,” according to a company web page. “This need requires a more comprehensive approach."

Duty of Care and Risk Management

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