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Travelers Own The Phone

Forget the bedside phone – today’s hotel technology is all about empowering the guest’s devices
Time was in the not too distant past that the only items a hotel room needed to be considered high tech was a house phone and a television. However those days are long gone now, as travelers have come to rely on their smartphones as the essential tool for delivering their travel experience.

In fact, according to the most recent survey from the American Hotel & Lodging Association, more guests than ever are using apps to access hotel services. The study, which was done in partnership with STR, showed the use of mobile apps to access hotel services is up from 35 percent in 2016 to 40 percent in 2018. It also found that hotels’ use of mobile devices as room keys jumped from 6 percent in 2016 to 17 percent in 2018; and mobile device check-in is now available at more than 80 percent of mid-priced or higher-priced hotels.

Another poll of more than 3,600 travelers commissioned by Edinburgh-based hospitality firm Criton, found nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of respondents said if their favorite hotel has its own app they would use this digital channel. In contrast, only 10 percent favored an in-room device such as a hotel's smartphone or tablet.

"Respondents to the survey were people who travel regularly,” according to Julie Grieve, founder and CEO of Criton, a company which developed an intuitive app builder for the hotels. “It is increasingly clear that adopting technology has to be seen as an imperative for all hospitality providers. It is not something purely for the major franchises."



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