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Traveler Burnout: Spotting It and Stopping It

Is life on the road taking its toll among your highest value road warriors? First of two parts
Last month we looked at traveler burnout from the road warrior’s perspective. Our 30-second assessment in that article is designed to give the business traveler a thumbnail sketch of their own travel habits and to determine how close an individual might be to actually throwing in the proverbial hotel room towel.

This month, we’ll consider the question from the company’s – and the travel program’s – viewpoint. First consider the investment your organization has made in those high-value, high profile business travelers. Why do firms spend so much money on these road warriors?

Mainly it’s because these employees have unique skills and relationships – things that can’t be sourced locally. To paraphrase LeBron James, these road warriors bring their talents to wherever they’re needed. But too much travel can burn out even the hardiest road warrior, and when that happens companies lose on three key fronts.

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