Transition & Transformation

Six months in, 2020 has a lot to teach us – about travel and about life
When we were given our writing schedule at the end of 2019, my first thought was to write about Generation Z. They are our newest business travelers and I wanted to greet them with open arms rather than the welcome received by my generation.

Then 2020 happened.
•In January, the environment came to the forefront as fires raged through Australia.
•In February, duty of care and how to deal with your travelers during an epidemic become incredibly important.
•In March, my focus shifted into how I was dealing with a pandemic in my own program (unused tickets, stranded travelers) and working from home.
•In April, we got murder hornets – which sounded frightening and brought me back to the environment.
•In May, we saw the murder of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, with the ensuing protests at the beginning of June.

The 20’s have been a [ital] long [end ital] decade – and we’re only six months in.

So I pivoted and decided to talk about what all these things have in common. They can be transformative in our lives, helping us be more thoughtful in dealing with the world around us.

In the months following stay-at-home orders, our industry has been devastated – but pollution is down globally. In April, NASA reported a serious reduction of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the air over the US. While we never want three months at home again, we should look for ways to achieve greater sustainability.  

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