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The Shape of Tomorrow

New technologies can be powerful communication tools for travel managers
The story of travel – and particularly business travel – has always been one of creating smarter tools to get from Point A to Point B. But it’s also a story of people, because after all, it’s people in motion that create the opportunities. For much of the history of travel, the developments have been around hardware – planes, trains and automobiles – that would get us wherever we’re going faster or cheaper or closer to on time.

However in the past couple of decades, the focus of technology in a digital age has shifted to a subtler and more ephemeral commodity: Information. But merely gathering all this data without context is just ones and zeros. And while knowing the when and how much is valuable, for a while it looked like the who and why would get crushed under the avalanche.  

Today however, it seems the two paths are converging as the influence of a new wave of technology – machine learning, blockchain, and chatbots – appear poised to provide corporate travel managers powerful communication tools for driving travel program compliance.  According to a recent report, entitled Communications, Emerging Technology and Travel Management, part of an Inform series published by BCD Travel, these emerging technologies can deliver effective, personalized messages to travelers, engaging them at the right moment to encourage compliance.



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