The Big Story: The Post-COVID Experience - Safety-Centric Journeys

​Business travel in the time of COVID-19 has suddenly shifted policy compliance from optional to imperative
•Safety-Centric Policy – Best practices to minimize corporate risk and protect travelers

The Big Story brings together a select group of special reports to take a more in-depth look at trends in the corporate travel industry. In this issue, Business Travel Executive investigates the changes in the industry and their far-reaching impact on corporate travel programs and the business traveler.

As COVID-19 slowly releases its stranglehold on the world’s economy and on business travel, the realization has set in: We are all in this for the long haul.

From creating programs and policies that reflect a new reality to negotiating in a marketplace where no one is quite sure what’s coming next year – or next quarter, or even next week, travel post-COVID will be more complicated and more expensive, and it will be harder than ever to measure the real return on the travel investment. To be prepared, savvy travel executives are looking at the future from every possible angle.

Managing Travel Programs

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