The Big Story — Traveler's Quest: The Travel Puzzle

​Travel programs are piecing together a picture of what high-value road warriors want and need
​Everyone knows that business travel poses challenges. After all, the very term "road warrior" connotes someone putting forth great effort, a status very different from the leisure traveler. By definition business travelers are goal oriented, venturing forth to support the interests of their careers and their employer. But what about their own needs? As they go about their business, what do road warriors really want?

"Business travelers desire purpose coupled with experiences," says Gabe Rizzi, president of Travel Leaders Corporate and a veteran road warrior himself. "Like anyone, we want our work to mean something, and for the time away from our homes, families and friends to be worth it."

This means having a convenient and satisfying experience whether that’s booking the trip, traveling to the destination, getting a good night’s sleep or accomplishing the actual tasks at hand. It also involves integrating personal down time with ease.

"As an industry we’ve been talking ad nauseam on this topic and very few companies have provided a convenient solution," Rizzi says.

Managing Travel Programs

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