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When it comes to association involvement, 80 percent of success is just showing up
We are all talking about why you should get involved with the industry associations this month here at the BTE Think Tank, so it is the perfect time for me to not only bring up why but also the how. If I am being honest, I am way too involved. What has started as a hobby has taken over my entire life. My current roles include being a co-chair for the GBTA Ladders Program, President of the New York City Chapter of GBTA, and President of the Chapter Presidents Council of GBTA (with this role you have a seat on the GBTA Board of Directors). It’s a lot…some might even say too much (I’m the “some” saying this).

How do you get involved? At the most basic level, engage with your organizations, whether it’s GBTA or TAMS. Attend meetings and webinars. And vote. So often we are barely making a quorum for voting at the chapters and global organizations, with many leaders getting excited when they see over 25 percent of the members voting.

At the Chapter level, volunteer for local committees, to speak at education sessions, or help coordinate special events like education days, golf tournaments, or anniversary celebrations. On a more global level, applying to a committee gives you an opportunity to provide research papers and education sessions to the business travel industry.

At TAMS (Travel and Meeting Society), you can join their committees, including Community & Engagement, Data, Finance, DE&I, Governance, Innovation & Disruption, Marketplace, Sustainability, Technology, Professional Training & Career Development, Technology, and Verticals. You can also apply to be a mentee with GBTA’s Ladders Program, where you can work with a cross functional team to work on solutions for an industry issue while also building up your network. Anyone can be a mentee in the program – it is not just for those early in their career.

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