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Travel programs need to keep travelers ‘in the loop’ by asking the right questions at the right time
How do you assess employees’ views of their business travel? For all but the smallest companies, the obvious answer is to survey them. “Surveys are important for travel managers to understand their constituents,” says Mark Ziegler, senior travel manager, global travel services for data services provider NetApp. “If you don’t know the needs of your travelers, how can you manage their travel?”

Ziegler says his company surveys travelers once a year. Surveys are targeted to all EMEA, APAC, LATAM employees and the top 1,500 US travelers. Executive admins who serve as travel arrangers are also included.

Typically, the surveys ask for basic data such as the respondent’s location, age range, business and number of trips taken yearly. Several questions then focus on the company’s designated TMC including overall levels of satisfaction, interactions with counselors, and travel options. Questions may also address satisfaction with the travel portal and online booking tool, as well as the company’s travel program. Other topics range from preferred modes of communication to opinions on safety and security.

Managing Travel Programs

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