Staying Different. Staying Better?

Emerging from the shadow of the pandemic, travelers are finding a new look for lodging

Remember the way things used to be in the hotel industry? Well, forget it. The lodging business has likely changed permanently as a result of the pandemic – in the experiences hotels provide and in the way they deal with customers. Lukazs Dabrowski, senior vice president-global supplier relations for HRS, the corporate hotel platform, says that when it comes to hotel-customer negotiations, “the less we try to compare with the old world the better.”

Dabrowski says he was based in the Asia-Pacific region when the pandemic began and now believes that the industry is learning to live with COVID-19. Universal changes may be permanent, he says, including a stronger focus on duty of care, cleaning protocols, employee location tools and a greater commitment to touchless stays, including contactless check-in, mobile room access and virtual payment.

According to Deloitte’s Hotel Outlook 2022, while health and safety remain a concern, business leaders are looking at longer-term impacts amid new ways to optimize travel spend. This includes catering to “laptop lugging” leisure travelers who are benefitting from remote work by taking more and longer trips, with bigger budgets.

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