Sick of Zoom

For many, working hard at virtual meetings is no virtue >>
After months and months of virtual meetings, Zoom, webinars, vlogs, Team meetings and electronic images, I am ready for a good, old fashioned handshake or even a hug in my professional life. Pictures on a screen are fine on occasion but nothing will ever replace face-to-face interaction to build relationships, whether business or personal.

As a kid I watched ‘The Jetsons’ on television. At the time I thought their ‘picture phone’ was so cool, because it would be great to see someone when you spoke on the phone. I fully expected someone to invent a new communication device for talking face-to-face. However, now that we have them and they are ubiquitous, I realize just how artificial the medium is for truly communicating with another human being. There is just no alternative for real human contact.

So if technology works for talking and getting our points across, why does it matter whether we are onscreen or together in a room? According to social scientist Susan Pinker, “There is no substitute for social interaction. They are proven to bolster our immune system, sending positive hormones surging through our bloodstream and brain, and help us live longer.”

A scientist says we will live longer if we interact together. I think that’s a pretty good reason for being face-to-face.

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