Recovery Room

In the wake of COVID-19, the future may be closer than we think for the lodging industry
A shift away from cities to suburban and even rural markets, bookings at mid- or lower-star levels and a growth spurt from Hilton over Marriott are trends in corporate travel in a post-pandemic COVID-19 recovery that emerged from a new quarterly marketing report from Tripbam.

The findings were collected from an analysis of Tripbam’s new COVID-19 data dashboard, a product that lets corporate travel executives see and interact with data on a dynamic platform that shows brands, markets and regions all moving towards “recovery” in real time at the speed of light.

Steve Reynolds, founder and CEO of Tripbam, believes that these findings are a call to action for corporate travel. "Action is needed now,” he says “Waiting for 'travel to pick back up again' within your organization will mean paying more than you should. Make sure you are consistently auditing your hotel spend and negotiating rates where they are needed (preferably dynamic ones with LRA and no blackout dates), so you’re not caught without a plan in place as travelers hit the road."

How do hotel sales professionals and travel planners see these changes on a granular level, and how will things in the lodging industry look to corporate travel buyers moving through a stop-and-start global COVID-19 recovery?

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