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Quench the Burnout

Your road warriors want to be heard – and you’re just the person to listen
Here we are – already halfway through 2019. This is the time of year we all reevaluate our travel programs – contract performance, expense management, and our overall program health. Shouldn’t this also be the time we evaluate our traveler satisfaction, health and burnout rate? Could our program success and traveler burnout be related? In some ways, I think they are.

Think about this: if you get tired (burned out) in your personal life, you begin to have a “whatever-is-easiest” mentality. You take shortcuts, make decisions which may not be the most cost effective, and sometimes get to a point of not caring. Why would we expect any different from our road warriors? For the betterment of the company, they’re away from their home, family and what brings them comfort.

While I’m not a proponent of letting traveler’s book outside our managed program, I am aware of the stress that travel has on a person. As the spouse of a former road warrior, I saw first-hand the toll that being gone week-after-week has both mentally and physically. To help identify this stress, maybe we should approach our mid-year program review with an additional focus.

It could be something as simple as reviewing travel patterns for this group of travelers, looking at such factors as advance purchase, post trip expenses, etc., to determine if anything has changed in their spending. If not, great! But if there is a trend of higher than normal expenses, booking outside the program, or shorter advance purchase, it may be time to raise the flag. Not the naughty note flag – rather, a conversation with the traveler, the immediate supervisor or HR professional, out of concern for the individual.

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