Phat Data Takes Flight

Air travel produces mountains of information and your airline partners know how to use it. Do you?
The airlines are both generators and consumers of some of the most complicated and robust data in the travel industry – data that paints a picture of every facet of the business, from Fair Market Share to Quality Service Index to how much a seat is going to cost, and everything in between. Whatever happened to the good old days when an airfare was just an airfare and a discount was just a discount?  

While it is more complicated, all this data certainly gives buyers greater insight into their airline partnerships and how they impact their overall travel program. Utilizing the Phat Data airlines now share with their corporate partners, there are three key areas where the way the relationship is managed can change.

Probably one of the most important things the airlines have done recently is offer web portals that provide travel buyers near real time data about multiple aspects of their air travel partnership. Having the ability to see how you are performing to contract on a monthly basis without waiting on a business review allows you to take action on potential contract shortfalls more quickly.  

That means if a company isn’t performing, let’s say in a particular market or lane, the buyer can analyze the data and make intelligent decisions to steer travelers back to the preferred carriers for that particular market. This reduces the risk of long-term non-performance on a contract. Making course corrections as quickly as possible is imperative. This is a benefit to the both the airline and the buyer.

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