Phat Data Ahead!

It’s time to prepare a 2020 vision for your travel program’s data strategy
2020 is a new year and a new decade, rich with new opportunities for travel buyers to fine tune their Phat Data vision. Over the past five years, the Phat Data series has viewed the stories through the eyes of the buyer. However our supplier partners have just as many data struggles, so this upcoming year is going to be focused on the supplier.  

We will take a deep dive into how our suppliers determine which data to focus on, and how they aggregate and then present data to the travel buying community. Look for articles telling the supplier side of the story, from airline account managers to hoteliers and ground transportation providers, and all the sectors that contribute content for the travel buyers’ Phat Data strategies.

But first, our travel buyers need to be prepared. That means a refresher course on building out your strategy and transforming data into information and then into wisdom. If you have your data strategy started, that is awesome; a new year is a great time to refresh and renew.

If you keep telling yourself you will get around to it – stop that! Make your 2020 work resolution to focus on how you can build a great data strategy and deliver more impactful information throughout your organization.

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