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Password Roulette

‘123456’ makes your data security an easy mark. You can count on it
If you use any digital device, you’ve probably found yourself in this situation at one time or another – staring at a sign-in screen with the words in big red letters staring back at you: “Forgot Your Password?” The words taunt you as if to say, “Hey, you made me up! Are you too stupid to remember me?”

The solution for many is to adopt a simple, memorable password that gets put on every sign-in page. Unfortunately the same approach that makes it easy for the legitimate user to access the account also leaves the door wide open for cybercriminals to blow past a company’s firewall, rendering IT security useless and exposing huge troves of a company’s data.  

In an era when serious data breaches fill the headlines virtually every week, it would make sense for device security – and particularly guarding passwords – to be top of mind for every employee. However to avoid the risk of locking ourselves out of our own technology, too many of us continue to resort to using lamentably weak passwords that leave our personal accounts and business data wide open.



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