Meeting Point, Post-COVID

To survive a post-COVID 19 world, the MICE industry pivots to new models using social distance and accountability
As COVID-19’s “new normal” is emerging, states across the US are reopening and countries around the globe are coming out of isolation and feeling their way to a healthy alternative to lock-down. In the world of business, in-person meetings and what they’ll look like in the future are hot-button topics.

“Group meetings are a focus of every major Fortune 500 company,” says Teneo Hospitality’s CEO Mike Schugt. “That’s not going to change, although we are having to pivot to new ways to deal with new challenges.”

Schugt says that a strong desire to travel is part of American culture. “It’s almost seen as a birthright,” he says. “You can see it in the opening up of domestic leisure travel which is happening now. The people who are planning to travel for leisure over this summer are people who are meetings attendees during the work week.”

His vision of what that looks like entails smaller meetings, innovative social distancing and tiered meeting protocols where in-person conferences are held in hub cities close to personnel so travel is not required, with some members Zooming in and some VIPs flying in to participate.

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