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Your TMC’s account manager can be a key asset in your travel program
It is safe to say that the world of travel management has a lot of moving parts.  Although in many companies travel and entertainment spend represents the second highest spend next to payroll, corporations usually only have a single person who is constantly navigating the waters of travel management.  

Over the past several years, the travel manager role has slowly diminished – only very large companies will have a dedicated travel manager whereas many companies have someone in finance or HR who cover travel while performing other job duties.  Unfortunately, running a successful, efficient travel program takes hours of work, buy-in from senior management and a lot of assistance.

Travel management companies are necessary to a successful travel program. Although a TMC provides many services, the key person who will ultimately make or break the TMC partnership is the Strategic Account Manager.

The Strategic Account Manager is the point person at the travel management company who is really an extension of your travel team. This jack-of-all-trades is not only responsible for ensuring successful implementation, but brings years of travel experience with the knowledge of tools, processes and key relationships to ensure problems can identified and quickly corrected. Furthermore, this person can confirm supplier contracts are in place and working as intended, ensure reporting is provided or at your disposal, and act as an experienced consultant to save your company money.

Travel Management Companies

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