Lessons from Lockdown Life

Some thoughts on turning the pandemic-induced timeout into a real time out filled with everyday joys
When last I wrote for this back page of Business Travel Executive,  it was July of 2020. I predicted we were in a time of significant transformation due to the major social upheaval although we were still just at the beginning of the pandemic.

I called on readers to use the opportunities provided to transform their own programs, companies, and lives – all while stating that I felt betrayed by the failure of murder hornets to be a bigger issue. Here we are 15 months later and while I still feel cheated by the murder hornet bust, I was able to use the travel downturn to repair and renovate my travel program.

However, that’s not what I’m going to speak further about today.

I want to start out by acknowledging the losses our industry and our world have faced since February 2020. It’s been devastating. As of the end of September 2021, 219 million people have been sick with COVID and we have lost four-and-a-half million lives globally. In the United States, the COVID pandemic losses have surpassed those of the Spanish Influenza.

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