It’s About Time

A look at the total cost of air travel opens up new prospects for business aviation solutions
Travel. It eats up time like Cookie Monster in a Chips Ahoy factory. Throw in a storm or a Polar Vortex and 20 percent of airline passengers never get where they are going, and the rest will take the better part of a day to get there.

That’s a lot of time. Time you could spend closing a deal or, better yet, time you could have with your family. Indeed, Millennials are forcing companies to move the needle because they want a return to the out-and-back-in-one-day business trip that is now a thing of the past. Companies, too, have noted the impact of travel on road warriors.

But one solution – business aviation – is rising in popularity as it restores the productivity that’s been lost to the airlines.

“The difference between airlines, who wait for no one, and business aviation is we fly on the traveler’s schedule and flights are tailored to the company and the mission,” says PJS CEO Greg Raiff. “Every business survey concludes that personal, one-on-one meeting is the best tool for a successful business. Business aviation is then the partner in that mission, going when travelers need to go and being flexible when the business traveler’s needs change mid-mission.”

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