IRL vs VR: Is There Common Ground?

Business travelers value face to face connections but digital meetings are not going anywhere. Literally.
The world of travel and meetings abruptly shut down in March 2020, leaving businesses scrambling to fill the void. Technology stepped in to bridge the gap, powered by Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other virtual platforms which for the last decade or more had been steadily building a following as sort of ‘better than a conference call’ substitutes for face to face interactions.

Suddenly these virtual technologies were the only option left for companies bereft of ILR (“in real life”) business opportunities. It seemed COVID-19 pushed in-person encounters off the table as these safer – and much less costly – options became the de facto mode for meetings throughout the business world.

However, as that world morphed out of the 100 percent virtual landscape to the partially open domain of mid-2020 to the now increasingly vaccinated, but meet-in-person-cautious environment of 2021, business people are coming to a greater appreciation of the importance of connecting person-to-person, in-person. In a recent survey from BCD Travel, the majority of business travelers question the effectiveness of screen-based virtual interactions as their primary meeting method.

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