Flying Above the Fray

Corporate travel programs reconsider the value of private aviation to counter COVID-induced chaos
Few understand the boon for private aviation resulting from COVID, especially as travel managers reconsider its value weighed in light of both the risks of exposure to COVID 19 as well as the ease private aviation offers in meeting travel needs. One thing is clear. Travel management companies, who historically don’t know much about private aviation, not only need to learn but forge a way to integrate it because corporations are already there.

Colibri Aircraft cited a Global Air study that flying commercially incurs as many as 680 more person-to-person interactions than private aviation.

Businesses are making a new calculation when it comes to private vs commercial, according to Private Jet Services CEO Greg Raiff. “With the rise of video conferencing, managers are concluding if a meeting is not worth the price of private aviation, they’ll just Zoom it,” he says.

Today, more than managing risk, it is about managing the chaotic airline experience. Indeed, one of the biggest impacts of the never-ending pandemic is the slow rebuild by airlines. Although commercial aviation began experiencing pent-up demand for air travel over a year ago, schedules are still riddled with cancellations, delays and limited services which often change from nonstop to one-stops. This is coupled with unruly passengers who threaten safety and cause diversions, plus the fact that airlines are recasting their contracts of carriage saying, should a disruption occur, passengers are on their own.

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