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You have a wealth of travel data in your program, but should you consider turning it into wealth for you program?
Companies buy and sell data all the time. Is it time for travel buyers to get in on the game? And what would the ramifications be? Are the risks greater than the rewards?  Would companies buy in? Suppliers surely might consider it.

It is no secret that when you go out to a website to shop for something, the next thing you know that company is magically appearing in your Facebook feed. A little annoying? Absolutely. And actually more than a bit creepy.

One time in a grocery line, while scrolling through Facebook waiting my turn, a woman appeared in my ‘People You May Know.’ Well, I was sure she wasn’t – that is until I looked up and saw it was the woman in front of me in line. A complete stranger infiltrated my world without my having any control over it.

So that started me thinking, I wonder what the use of Phat Data would look like in a world where buyers can use that data to improve their program, save money or increase rebates by offering up their travel data. Now, I know, I know; most buyers are thinking, Is she crazy? And suppliers are thinking, How do we make this work?! Oh, and yes, we have to consider data privacy. But let’s take a dive into what this could look like in a future state.

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