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Business travelers are taking to the road in rental cars, where healthy and contactless is the name of the game
For more than a year, the world of business travel has been rocked by the deadly coronavirus. As tough as it has been for the whole industry, in-person meetings are still necessary and desirable when conducted on a smaller scale with recommended CDC safety protocols in place – hand sanitizer, face masks and social distancing.

Recent studies indicate that while videoconferencing tools like Zoom have been a lifesaver for COVID-era commerce, it pales by comparison to the value of face to face meetings, where body language and other subtleties of communication can make or break a deal, or bond a corporate team for achieving goals and objectives. On a loftier, yet more fundamental level, humans are simply eager to meet and mingle, communicate and collaborate. Many teleconferencing regulars express feelings of being “Zoomed out.”

In this environment, major car rental companies have managed to keep their doors open thanks to their unique value proposition – private, safe, short-haul transportation. Renting a car allows business travelers to meet directly with existing clients and prospective customers.

But before travelers return to the skies or hit the highways and byways, there are new challenges and hurdles that must be overcome if some sense of normal is to be part of travel again.

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