Changing the Game with NDC

As air travel begins its recovery, new distribution capabilities are meeting new traveler expectations
There's no escaping the fact 2020 was a lost year for commercial air travel, with IATA reporting a drop in demand of nearly 66 percent compared to the previous year. If that's not bad enough, January bookings for future travel were down 70 percent compared to a year ago. Still, everything isn’t gloom and doom for business travelers and those who manage travel. Progress continues on a number of fronts, not the least of which are the inroads being seen with New Distribution Capability.

In anticipation of business travel’s return as we move through 2021, corporate travel buyers are gearing up for changing demands – and NDC could be central to meeting new expectations for booking, reporting, negotiating and paying for travel.

While the issue of how best to take advantage of NDC may not be this year’s most burning question, the timing seems right to tap into the potential of this increasingly valued standard.

“Amongst all the various challenges and priorities facing today’s corporate travel manager, handling cost and traveler safety remains top of the tree,” says Charlie Sullivan, head of product, air distribution capabilities at CWT.

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