The travel management team for Capital One Financial — Tamara Jones, senior manager for travel expense management and accounts payable; Dale Smith, senior director of shared services; and Heather Young, manager of travel expense management — has been named the first recipients of the Excellence Award for Management of Corporate Travel Spend, sponsored by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) and MasterCard Worldwide.

The award was made in recognition of the Capital One team’s success in focusing attention on reducing the company’s travel and expense outlay by creating targeted tools and associate communications. “At Capital One, all associates play a role in ensuring we are as efficient and cost conscious as possible,” stated Rena Friske, managing vice president for the office of finance management at Capital One Financial Corporation. “Being aware of our T&E policy and how we spend is fundamental to our company’s ‘well-managed’ style.”

The award was presented during the Association’s Global Education Conference, held in early October in Berlin. An estimated 800 delegates from 35 countries participated in this annual education and networking event. Officially titled  the “ACTE/MasterCard Excellence Award for Management of Corporate Travel Spend,” the recognition honors creative and innovative management of corporate travel spend by an individual or team. This year’s presentation was made by Ron DiLeo, executive director for ACTE, and Leigh Bochicchio, MasterCard’s vice president for the global commercial product.

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The Capital One team typifies “the executives that are driving this industry,” DiLeo stated in making the presentation.
“This award honors teams who have demonstrated creativity and innovation in their approach to delivering solutions and programs that benefit their travelers and their company,” said Bochicchio. “We are proud to be part of this global initiative that recognizes real innovation in corporate travel management and providing new best practices that can be followed by companies and organizations all over the world.”