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The right content strategies are key to a smarter, more effective and more traveler-centric OBT
As any marketing maven will tell you, positioning is a major factor influencing purchasing behaviors. That’s especially true of your travelers as they consider their booking decisions. Putting your preferred suppliers in the right place at the right time can have an enormous impact both on program compliance and traveler satisfaction.

Content positioning strategies start with the fundamental question of who controls the online booking tool.  The more control travel managers have over how the content of their booking tools is presented to travelers as they are deciding on flights, hotels, cars, etc., the more likely those travelers are to book in-program.

Some of the techniques include tactics like “visual guilt,” bonus loyalty points and special promotions. But the best content strategies are ones that deliver value for the corporation and satisfaction for the traveler, says Caitlin Deegan, director of offer and pricing management for Egencia at Expedia Group. That’s why data is the key to a personalized booking experience for business travelers.

“Egencia’s business travel platform uses machine learning to sift through the travelers’ past data and preferences like loyalty memberships, their colleagues’ past data and their company’s travel policy to offer the most relevant air and hotel content,” she says. “By understanding their purchasing behavior and the company’s travel policy, we’re able to serve up hotels that their colleagues recommend, like those that are close to the office, and are in policy too.” Managing Travel Programs

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