Blinded with Science

We know what’s coming – we just don’t know when. But Phat Data can help us be ready

It’s all in the science, so they tell us! So how will all the science around COVID-19 help us restore confidence in traveling? Is there enough data to help our corporations feel comfortable in allowing increased travel? Or is it a combination of science and data? Equally important for buyers is finding out what Phat Data they can focus on to prepare for the return to travel.

According to the Traveler Confidence Index as published by, the average readiness to travel score (on a scale of one to five, five being highest) is 2.62 for business travelers and 2.73 for leisure travelers. So travelers are waffling between ‘very concerned about traveling’ to ‘concerned but would travel.’ We are now a year into this pandemic and despite the surveys, the science and all things media, the industry has made only very small strides, and the struggle is real. Well over 100 million travel related industry jobs have been lost and the managed travel program feels like we are stuck in 2019 waiting for a tow truck.

But all is not lost. There is absolutely a silver lining for both buyers and suppliers. Now is the time for buyers to start looking at all of their program data from the past few years and really take the time to analyze traveler behavior, to dive deep into your supplier data and better understand how those suppliers truly fit into your managed travel program. One buyer recently said, “I never had the time to really learn how to look at my data not just as numbers but through a more analytical perspective. It wasn’t my strong suit, but now I realize how much I love the data side to my program.” It is moments like these that make buyers more valuable to their organizations.

As a buyer you can take advantage of many data points within your program. Here are a few that will help to support the return to travel in your organization.

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