Autonomously Driving Change

Autonomous vehicle technology is only part ofthe revolution that’s coming to ground transportation
For anyone who’s been paying attention to the latest sampling of TV ads from auto manufacturers, there can be little doubt that cars are getting smarter. From stay-in-the-lane technology to spyware for nervous parents of teen drivers, there’s something road-worthy for just about every application. The march of automotive progress also makes it clear that the ultimate driving machine will soon be the ultimate self-driving machine – and it seems to be just around the next curve.

That means autonomous vehicles are reality today and not far from being practical, commonplace technology available to everyone tomorrow. But while this Jetson-like driving experience is feasible and even likely, what will it look like in everyday life? One study from researchers at consulting firm Frost & Sullivan predicts self-driving transportation seems destined to join forces with another paradigm shift, the sharing economy.

According to the research, “shared mobility business models that focus on integrated and digitally connected ecosystems that offer unified multi-modal mobility services and personalized user experiences will find high adoption all over the world.” In other words, ride hailing and sharing of self-driving vehicles in any transportation mode for whatever transportation need, all over the planet.

"Globally, companies are planning to commercialize autonomous shuttles between 2020 and 2022, backed by favorable government initiatives in North America, the UK, China, Japan, and Dubai," according to Abhishek Iyer, mobility research analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "There will be an increase in the number of partnerships and rollouts of new technologies such as autonomous shuttles, blockchain and artificial intelligence, which will enhance user experience and operation."

Ground Transportation

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