AI: Growing Reality

No longer the Next Big Thing, artificial intelligence has come of age in the here and now

Artificial intelligence is bound to be a topic of conversation in any discussion about the technology that supports business travel today. In fact, AI seems to be transitioning from much-anticipated future tech to something that’s making a real impact in today’s global travel industry.

“AI and machine learning are paving a new direction for all of us in our daily lives – how we live, how we work and how we travel,” says Darrin Grafton, CEO of Serko. “The business travel industry has adopted AI and machine learning tools for virtually every aspect of the travel process, from researching and planning a trip, to traveler support and post-trip reconciliation.”

While artificial intelligence has been in the media for years, it has recently matured to a level where it’s being used more prevalently, according to J.B. Walsh, chief technology officer at Christopherson Business Travel. In the area of deep learning, advances in both hardware and cloud services have allowed real-time analysis of much larger data sets than ever before, the engine that drives AI.

With machine learning, a growing marketplace of off-the-shelf tools provides new avenues for experimentation. And advances in natural language processing engines have led developers to apply AI services in a variety of new platforms. “Ultimately, all of these advances mean it’s much less expensive today to invest in AI than it was five years ago,” Walsh says. “So the adoption of AI is growing rapidly.”


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