After the Storm, What Then?

Post-COVID-19, changes in travel technology which the pandemic has driven will linger on. Plus, Serko Signs LUXE, Dinova Launches Safety-Focused App, Tripbam Creates Certification and Norway to Offer ‘Touchless’ Airports

The global coronavirus pandemic has indeed become a crucible for innovation in practically every walk of life. As concerns about the current health crisis ebb – sooner rather than later, we hope – some things will recede into history; other changes will be longer-lasting. The good news is, a number of innovations will become part of our lives for the long haul, solving problems for years to come.

And as Larry Clark, managing director of global learning solutions at Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, points out in a recent blog post, problem solving is always at the heart of innovation. However he adds, a crisis is more than an opportunity to solve problems.

“Crises present us with unique conditions that allow innovators to think and move more freely to create rapid, impactful change,” Clark says. There four key shifts, Clark explains, that turn a crisis into a petri dish for new thinking and doing:
•Uniting Around a Purpose – During a crisis, Clark says, the massive spike in creative energy focused toward a clear purpose can produce a wave of new ideas and actions that would be unthinkable in times of calm.
•Seeing the System Differently – When a crisis hits, we are forced to confront the truth about how our systems work (or don’t). All of a sudden, opportunities for innovation are staring us in the face.
•Unfreezing the Organization – Crises change the hardened structures of organizations encouraging fresh thinking to quickly to address the challenge.
•Creating a Bias Toward Action – The crisis forces organizations to allow the freedom to test different thinking, to fail fast, to learn and to move forward – in short, to innovate.


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