Why Fly Private?

Five reasons to consider including private aviation as part of your air travel strategy
There has never been a better time to use private aviation. The industry has options to fit every budget. Technology makes booking easier and new models offer discounted flight hours with a monthly subscription. These changes have introduced thousands to private aviation for the first time and resulted in corporations making it a part of their corporate travel strategy because they know time is money.

“Private aviation is busier than ever,” says Greg Raiff, Private Jet Services Group CEO. “It is a combination of things. Our customers know they are buying time and success. They are more interested in reducing the stress of their road warriors and providing a work-life balance Gen Xers and Millennials demand. We see this as the reason customers are getting younger. Companies know work-life balance is a key factor in employee recruitment. They also realize being more responsive to customer needs and the role business aviation plays in sales and marketing are good for the bottom line.”

1. Time Perhaps the most important reason to consider private aviation is time. Corporations use a mix of commercial and private travel because they no longer calculate their travel costs in dollars and cents alone. They seek the best way to serve the customer or ink a new deal.

Included in those calculations are airline-caused delays and cancellations resulting in 30 percent of all commercial flights arriving more than 15 minutes late, according to the Department of Transportation. The US General Accountability Office reported it may take two to three days to get to the destination because most flights are fully booked, putting travelers at risk of missed connections or otherwise failing to achieve the mission.

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