Traveler Experience Counts

What travel managers and their veteran travelers expect from today’s travel programs
A corporate travel program that revolves around the organization’s business travelers empowers these employees to be more effective on the road and boosts the return on the company’s travel investment. That’s why for both travelers and travel buyers, it’s impossible to underestimate the power of building relationships – and more important, building them in person.

Business leaders are realizing the need to prioritize their traveling employees’ safety, health and productivity, says Raphael Pasdeloup, SVP and global head of CWT Energy, Resources and Marine.

“There’s an increased appreciation around the stress that come with travel and the need to create an overall environment where employees feel their well-being is being valued and supported. That, in turn, helps with employee productivity and engagement,” he says. “Organizations today understand that they have a larger and more active role to play – and a much bigger stake in their reputations as a place people want to go to work – by committing to these values and building an organizational culture around them.”

Gabe Rizzi, president of Travel Leaders Corporate, says face-to-face interaction gives a company an edge over its competition. “When companies cut T&E to make budget, they are mortgaging the future for the present,” he warns.

Managing Travel Programs

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