Traveler Confidence Gets a Tech Boost

New consumer research reveals how easy access to accurate information can boost traveler confidence and accelerate demand
After months of uncertainty, good news is finally at hand, as viable vaccines are coming online to turn back the deadly COVID-19 pandemic which has caused so much tragedy and disruption. While vaccines alone are not cures, they do offer the promise of controlling the virus, creating immunity – and returning our lives, our businesses and our travels to some kind of normal.

So now that medical science has produced a response, the world should be looking forward with eager anticipation to the return of travel, right? Well... yes, and no.

According to a poll conducted in October by National Geographic and Morning Consult, only 13 percent of Americans would be willing to fly now or before the end of the year. Only about a quarter of respondents (24 percent) said they would take a flight at some point in 2021, and fully one third said they do not know when they will get on a plane again.


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